Amakhala Horse Trails

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Amakhala Horse Trails

Riders looking for an unforgettable riding experience can saddle up for a ride on the wild side with Amakhala Horse Trails at Amakhala Game Reserve. 

Amakhala Horse Trails offers a unique perspective of the bush: elevated on horseback, riders can enjoy incredible views of the surrounding landscape while gliding easily and quietly across terrain often inaccessible by vehicle. The unobtrusive nature of a horseback safari also allows for riders to get up close to wildlife such as eland, wildebeest, zebra, hartebeest and giraffe. The trails provide an opportunity to explore 1700 hectares of African bush on horseback, including the chance to canter across open plains, take a slow trot to appreciate the views or walk quietly along secluded river lines.

Duration 2 to 3 hours
Time 10h00 onwards
Price R1800 per person
Number of people Min 1, Max 6
Skill level Intermediate to experienced riders welcome
Equipment needed Please bring appropriate clothing including long pants and suitable shoes. A riding helmet will be provided.

Please contact before arrival or speak to your Guide, Front of House for arrangements to be made on arrival

Please allow 18 hours notice and is subject to availability

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Amakhala Horse Trails is run by Giles Gush, a founding member of Amakhala Game Reserve partner, along with Woodbury Tented Camp Manager, Katrin Barlow. It started out as an idea inspired by guests requesting horse trails in the area, and became a reality after they came across an urgent sale of 12 horses in the local newsletter. Today, guests at any lodge or camp at Amakhala Game Reserve can enjoy a personalised horse trail ride, an ideal activity between game drives. All horse trails are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides, equipped with first aid kits and communication equipment. The well-trained, sure-footed and reliable horses live free on the open plains with natural shelters. Each day, the horses come to the stables to receive natural grain and daily grooming.

Amakhala Horse Trails caters for small groups of up to 6 intermediate to experienced riders. Experienced younger riders between 10 and 15 years old may also join, if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Horseback safaris typically last between two to three hours, and the speed of the trail ride is adjusted to the riders’ level of experience. This allows plenty of time for wildlife viewing and finding the perfect spot to rest the horses and enjoy refreshments and snacks.

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